Medway Safety offer Safety Management. Policies, Inspections, Audits, Risk assessments etc.

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Imagine being able to call upon a team that is quickly able to identify areas for improvement, provide suitable advice, plan and guide you through the requirements, and provide you with ongoing advice and support.

Imagine having more time and energy to concentrate on running and developing your own customers and business. Just think of all the extra time you can spend developing your customer base and your employees.

Imagine being able to get expert health and safety and environmental advice when you need it - from a team that knows the individual needs of your business.

Imagine all this at a fixed, affordable price that can be spread over 12 months, to help with your cash-flow.

To arrange a free initial consultation to discuss your business needs, contact us on:

info_at_medwaysafety_co_uk info_at_medwaysafety_co_uk
0845 269 5550

Alternatively please feel free to visit the downloads section of our website to view the range of services provided or our open course training programme for the range of courses provided.

IS your business at rick? Having difficulty getting on tender lists? has an Inspector called? Medway Safety limited can help

Health and Safety Management is the strategy for eliminating or reducing hazards so that people are not injured or affected by disease. Good Health and Safety Management allows compliance with legislation and this is spearheaded by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.
The case for effective management of occupational health and safety is now overwhelming. It is not just regulatory and ethical issues, studies have shown there are also sound economic reasons for reducing work-related accidents and ill health and for improving the quality of your work environment.

Without being able to demonstrate that you have robust health and safety systems in place you may be unable to win work from key customers whom are now demanding that their suppliers have a healthy and safe working environment for their employees. The costs of accidents and ill-health can have a significant negative effect on the financial viability of an organisation.

Medway Safety provides a business-to-business service, and understands that the life-blood of your business is your income and bottom line profit.

We realise that nobody knows your business better than you. However with the complexity of current safety legislation it is impossible to do everything efficiently yourself.

Medway Safety provides the knowledge, business skills and practical experience to shape safety and environmental compliance around the needs of your organisation.

Medway Safety will always ensure that our work complies with the requirements in the most cost effective way.

Medway Safety are recognised as a specialist in the field of health and safety training and the delivery of support and advice in health and safety and environmental management.

Whilst it is impossible to list all of the services provided here, an example of the work undertaken by Medway Safety is as follows;

Policy Development & Implementation
Risk Assessment
Preparation of Tender Submissions
Preparation of Safe Systems of Work
Contractor Assessment


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